Time and Pricing Information:
Time left before you are there:
Only $222 USD a day!* 
Total price is NT$63,800. 
Get before May 21 and save $11,000!
                       That is a 17.2% discount! 
                        *NT$52,800 Per person.

Get before March 21 and save $16,500!
                        That is a 26% discount! 
                        *NT$47,300 Per person.
left to get your ticket and save $10,000
In home accommodation (double occupancy)
Meals and drinks (lobster and alcohol too) 
Airport pick up and drop off at Saint John Airport (YSJ) - www.saintjohnairport.com 
Seven days and six nights
A visit to Roosevelt Campobello International Park - www.fdr.net 
A visit to Casco Bay Island - www.cascobayisland.com 
Observation of Old Sow Whirlpool
Dinner, accommodation (double occupancy) and breakfast at The Algonquin Resort - www.algonquinresort.ca  
Whale watching and nature tour with Fundy Tide Runners - www.fundytiderunners.com  
A Certificate that documents you have:
     - Successfully completed the intensive seven (7) day training program requirement for Practical Travel English. 
Many more pleasant surprises are included*
The iLearn.tw Adventure Includes:
left to get your ticket and save $16,500
July 28 - August 4, 2018
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All Inclusive Option:
July 22 - August 5, 2018
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Group Adventure 團體探險旅遊
Personalized/Private Adventure  個人探險旅遊