For foreigners who want to learn Chinese in Taiwan Chinese

This is a great choice for foreigners who are living in Taiwan and want to learn Chinese. Many people have attaempted language exchange here and found that it does not work. This is because often times it is a person who teaches his/her language everyday, meeting a person who does not. Others go to a university, or through some other academic curriculum that does not work for everyone. People who join the club are subscribing to a block of time that does not have to be a gun to the head for lost time*, or an overcrowded academic hell. The maximum number of people we take is seven (7) per group. Our consultant is a professional, with years of experience helping foreigners communicate and do business in Taiwan. Pricing and timing information are below, and it is just as simple as that!

Pricing information:

The prices of are three months in duration and include materials fees, and Free Punch Card Credits.

A Punch Card Credit is money. It can be used by anyone to buy things at See

Three 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 72 hours = $23,700 total!
+10 Free Punch Cards Credits!

Two 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 48 hours = $15,800 total!
+6 Free Punch Card Credits!

One 2 hour visit a week for 3 months = 24 hours = $7,900 total!
+3 Free Punch Cards Credits

*Lost time will be reimbursed to you in the form of four (4) Punch Card Credits per missed meeting. We want you to take your attendance seriously, but we do not want to make you feel that you have a gun to your head, and we want to be very fair.

Please feel free to inquire about dates and choice availability.

New Chinese Consultations:

Register for the New Chinese for Beginners or Intermediate! Of course new groups can be created on the spot, but this time we have created for you. There are only spaces for 7 people per group, so please sign up early (put $2,000 down). Your Chinese Consultant is Cheryl Chiou!

Chinese Consultations:

Register for New Chinese for Beginners starting soon! Of course new groups can be created on the spot, and we also have some options for you. There are only spaces for 7 people per group so please sign up early.

Time suggestions:

Any weekday from 1 PM - 3 PM

Thursday from 7 PM - 9 PM

Any weekday from 11 AM - 1 PM

In Chinese for Beginners you will learn:




Basic greeting


Basic rules


How to buy food and get what you want


Taiwanese culture


Getting around vocabulary

Cheryl's experiances:

Over three years of private classes and small groups.

All of her old students have given her given her great reviews!

TCSOL certificate - International Han Institute

Doing a great Job at since January 2014

Let's learn Mandarin in a fun and interesting way! Each consultation is designed with interactive activities and games.

I hope to see you at :)!

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