For people who want to learn Japanese in Taiwan

iLearn.tw Japanese

This is a great choice for people who want to learn Japanese. People who join the iLearn.tw/japanese club are subscribing to a block of time that does not have to be a gun to the head for lost time*, or an overcrowded academic hell. The maximum number of people we take is seven (7) per group. Pricing and timing information are below, and it is just as simple as that!

Pricing information:

The prices of iLearn.tw/japanese are three months in duration and include materials fees, and Free Punch Card Credits.

A Punch Card Credit is iLearn.tw money. It can be used by anyone to buy things at iLearn.tw/money. See www.iLearn.tw/punchcard.

Three 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 72 hours = $23,700 total!
+10 Free Punch Cards Credits!

Two 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 48 hours = $15,800 total!
+6 Free Punch Card Credits!

One 2 hour visit a week for 3 months = 24 hours = $7,900 total!
+3 Free Punch Cards Credits

Purchase six months in duration and save 10%!

*Lost time will be reimbursed to you in the form of four (4) iLearn.tw Punch Card Credits per missed meeting. We want you to take your attendance seriously, but we do not want to make you feel that you have a gun to your head, and we want to be very fair.

Please feel free to inquire about dates and choice availability. Private options are also available.

Thank you! A message from our consultant is below:

Ippei Koike

Master of Japanese Language and Culture Studies at Tunghai University

I welcome you to learn Japanese! Do you think Japanese is difficult? People learning Japanese will often say that grammar is difficult, and that learning Japanese takes a long time. I like to focus on on grammar and vocabulary, and practically use language activities to better exercise the brain. People normally learn a formal form of Japanese and I believe it makes no sense practically to forget real practical usage. I will use the language with people in our consultations. This is a very delightful and practical way to help people learn Japanese. As I consult you through each unit, there will be practical exchanges in Japanese to get a feeling, for the language and produce a sense of accomplishment. Through Japanese consultations with us you will also better understand Japan! Please do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you!