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Your first step in learning foreign languages has been teaching people to speak foreign languages since 2009. We are raising the bar on learning English, and the best and most original to say the least. We are centrally located in Taichung, near The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the West District. We are excited to welcome you to one of the safest and best weather cities in the world.


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Level Information

Although testing systems are something we detest, we unfortunately are faced with many people who only wish to pass a test. We do offer a placement test that evaluates grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills to help better place you with the right people. From that point on we believe the true test will be when you are speaking with and writing to native English speakers, and they are impressed at your fluency and ability to express yourself. We believe that is what learning a language is all about. Many of us are however caught in a paradigm of testing systems and uses terminology from Beginner I to Advanced III. Sometimes there may be exceptions such as Total Beginner or Advanced IV. This chart is helpful and actually VERY accurate!

These comparisons are approximate and do not suggest any recognition by ETS, Cambridge Assessment, or the CAEL Assessment Office.

Online English Program for Adults (16+)

You can pay-as-you-go. Connect with our teachers from the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you. We typically have morning, afternoon, and evening classes to choose from between 8:00 AM and 10:40 PM. See group online Pay-As-You-Go! times currently running here, and take our free level test online to get started.

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 <h4><a href=Online English Program for Young Learners (6-15)

    Start Anytime. Introducing young learners to new languages and cultures gives them countless benefits in life. With our virtual courses, your son or daughter will enjoy learning English with very experienced foreigners from around the world. We use the 30, 63 and 105 hour MyTeacher price and time options to accommodate young learners.

    Foreign Languages (16+) offers more languages than any language school in Taiwan and prides itself on delivering top-quality and personalized classes. Our teachers are experienced and make learning fun. Both group and private lessons are available in person or online. See registration deadlines and register here!

  • General English (16+)

    Our General English program is ideal for all English language learners, from absolute beginners to advanced proficiency. We cover everything from reading and writing to speaking and listening, as well as vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and pronunciation. We have been doing this a long time and our outstanding teachers and small class sizes create an optimal learning environment.

  • Junior Program (6-15)

    Our Junior program is a fun and exciting adventure for young learners. This English course is tried, tested and true and our 5+ hour cancelation policy is totally worth bragging about. The progress we have seen with weekly meetings blow going to a cram school out of the water. Going to a cram school will start to look ever more ridiculous after just the first four meetings. We welcome you to see this for yourself. We use the 30, 63 and 105 hour MyTeacher price and time options to accommodate young learners.

    Private Classes

    If you have specific needs or require a more personalized program, you may wish to take private lessons. These classes can be arranged at a time and frequency that best suits your schedule. We recommend a minimum duration of one hour for online sessions or one hour and a half for in-person lessons.

  • MyTeacher Options

    The MyTeacher service is your way to arrange meetings in your home, office, at our office, online or a bit of each. For your convenience we finally accept most any credit card or payment method, and payments are welcome via bank transfer to our company bank account in Taiwan too. Creating proper company invoices for you (upon request) is fine too. You set the time and frequency, get a Time Document and we find exactly who is perfect for the consultations you are searching for. You name the language, time and place and we do the rest.

  • I E L T S Preparation

    IELTS is the most popular English language test for education, work or immigration. Our IELTS Preparation program gets students ready for both exam formats: the Academic Module and the General Training Module. Available online and in-person, a total of 120 hours of studies are recommended for the successful completion of this program. We use the 30, 63 and 105 hour MyTeacher price and time options to accommodate IELTS Preparation.

    Pay-As-You-Go & General Policy

    • You will be charged if you do not give at least five (5) or more hours notice of a cancelation.
    • Email and Text messages require a response to be validated.
    • No refunds
    • Recording of any kind is prohibited.

    MyTeacher Policy

    • You must first pay in full, and if after two weeks what you are looking for can not be arranged, you will get a full refund.
    • After the first four (4) hours of time are spent, your consultant can not be changed.
    • You will be charged if you do not give at least five (5) or more hours notice of a cancelation.
    • Email and Text messages require a response to be validated.
    • Your time will be lost if you do not finish it during its active period.
    • Recording of any kind is prohibited and may result in termination with no refund.

    Adventure Policy

    • You must pay in full to reserve your place.
    • Your healthcare is your responsibility. We are not liable for any accident or injury you have and it would be unreasonable to assume otherwise.
    • You understand the food may seem foreign to you and are ready to try new food, and politely accept the meals as they are. Special food requirements must be discussed before purchase.
    • If some unforeseen problem occurs, thirty five (35) days or more prior to departure, the event may be cancelled. In this unfortunate case you will get a refund from us, and we will help by contacting third parties such as accommodation and airfare with regard to deposits for example.
    • Otherwise, there are no refunds of any kind for this course of Practical Travel English. Your spot may be transferred with consent
    • We are not a travel agency, and do not pretend to be one. Guests should understand that 柯受恩 Ross Cline will be taking them to meet his family and friends and to give them this golden opportunity to try, do, be, and see things so foreign, beautiful and rich that they will never be the same to-know-the-farm-is-to-leave-it-style!

    Message from the Director

    I believe that learning a language doesn't have to be a hellish experience. I think that if you have ever felt awful because of a bad test score then something was just wrong with your language, and this can be a lot of fun. Laughter brings forth great memory. Give us a try and I am sure you will be impressed and very happy you found us.

    Ross Cline

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