English for Business And Working Professionals

Business English

Understanding the culture of a foreign workplace is key to getting your foot in the door, climbing the corporate ladder, getting along with coworkers, and enjoying your job. This program focuses on communication skills and self-improvement for employment in a multicultural environment. We cover interview coaching, resume and cover letter preparation, effective sales and presentation skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and much more. We have a superb curriculum for Business English that is tried, tested and true. We use the 30, 63 and 105 hour MyTeacher price and time options to accommodate Business English.

Some topics of interest:

1.  Business Communication
2.  Human Resources
3.  Socializing across cultures
4.  Business Management
5.  Negotiations
6.  Presentations
7.  Meetings
8.  Writing communications in English
9.  International trade
10.  Finance
11.  Interview skills
12.  Marketing and advertising

English is the international language of business. We offer Business English to help you understand the world of business and get the language skills needed in the global market. Our Business English clients gain practical experience in common workplace situations, and a confidence in the English language that is very evident. Maybe you want to improve your English to sound more professional at a job interview, in negotiation or business meetings. Clients will explore the corporate world and get an understanding of the key areas of modern business practices.

Other Working Professional Training

Medical English

We offer specially tailored sessions in medical vocabulary and situations.

Technical English

We Offer specially tailored sessions in technical areas.

There are currently 6 certificates available
Intermediate Business English I and II
Advanced Business English I, and II
Intermediate Medical English I  
Advanced Medical English I


To determine what is best for you, the first step is to take the Advanced Placement test. For Intermediate a minimum test score of 40% is necessary. For Advanced a minimum Test score of 65% is necessary.