Learn to speak Japanese!

Japanese with a Truly Superb Profesional

Eri Nakata has been a good friend and supporter since 2010, and a Japanese consultant by trade for much longer! We provide Online Japanese Time or MyTeacher meetings with her at our same rates, and with the same 5+ hour cancelation policy. We are sure you will find her angelic voice, her kind and professional approach, and the Japanese level you gain to be a gift indeed. She is a treasure we are honored and thankful to showcase here!

Eri Nakata (中田惠理)

Hello everyone! My name is Eri Nakata. Once you start learning Japanese, you may find it to actually be a very difficult or overwhelming language. Do not let the change of verbs, how to use auxiliary verbs and automatic verbs separately from other verbs, and so on, coupled with the contrast between formal and informal language that you will hear discourage you! I will walk you through it using textbooks suitable for your level to practice, and explain things to you in a simple and easy-to-understand way. I like to practice how to use unfamiliar grammar and words in sentences, so people can learn to speak more and more smoothly, and to create sentences themselves. We will move towards your goal step by step and enjoy the process. I welcome you to learn Japanese! Thank you!