In Home Learning Service

Finally an in home service that is simple and fair.

The MyTeacher service offers a great and simple way to have an awesome professional visit your home whenever you want. is based in Taichung Taiwan, but since this service does not require the office we offer it everywhere Taiwan.

If you do not live near our office you can pay online, via bank transfer, or cheque. (See bottom.)

We set no minimum or maximum frequency, so long as you finish your time in 180 days.

Our people are real professional. They prepare and use the material they want. We are proud to not be a dead language book publishing company.

If you are interested in the MyTeacher program please let us know and we will begin to search for someone in your area.

Our Competition

Our Competition offers a lot of nonsense literature and confusion.

Our Competition takes a ridiculously unfair cut from the pay.

They have made their business on confusing you with jargon and presenting you with a final bill that is a rip off.

Our Competition requires you to commit to more hours and does not allow you to cancel. They set a minimum of one session a week. They are unfair to you and gouge your consultant.

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