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Level Information,

The Philosophy of is that testing systems are a waste of time. We do offer a placement test that evaluates grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills to help better place you with the right people. From that point on we believe the true test will be when you are speaking with and writing to native English speakers, and they are impressed at your fluency and ability to express yourself. We believe that is what learning a language is all about. Many of us are however caught in a paradigm of testing systems and uses terminology from Beginner I to Advanced III. Sometimes there may be exceptions such as Total Beginner or Advanced IV. We are proud friends with Hansa Language Centre and our level terminology is basically the same as theirs. Hopefully this chart from their website is helpful.

These comparisons are approximate and do not suggest any recognition by ETS, Cambridge Assessment, or the CAEL Assessment Office.

Punch Card Options

At you can pay as you go, but most people choose to save money by getting a Punch Card or a Super Punch Card.

A Punch Card Credit is Money! It can be used by anyone as money to pay for things at, and some other places. They also make a great gift.

A Punch Card costs $2,400 and is worth $2,500 because it gives you a Punch Card Credit FREE!
A Super Punch Card costs $24,000 and is worth $25,800 because it gives you 1,800 FREE in Punch Card Credits.

*Punch Cards are for one person and never expire!

• 所有種類之有價卡購買後恕無法進行退款 (參閱
• There are no refunds for any kind of Punch Card (see
• 有價卡之間因折扣不同,恕無法進行交換.
• Punch Card Credits can not buy Punch Cards.
• 學員註冊時必須繳付價值800元的Punch Card點數(iLearn.tw貨幣)作為押金,來表示你真的有誠意,會每週出席.
• You must deposit $800 in Punch Card Credits ( Money) as a registration fee to guarantee that you are serious about visiting weekly.
• 如果你想暫停課程,我們會把價值800元的Punch Card點數(iLearn.tw貨幣)退還給你.
• If at anytime you wish to pause, you will get $800 back in Punch Card Credits ( Money).
• 若需請假,請務必於課前至少5小時通知,否則款項仍會支付給語言顧問.
• You will be charged if you do not give at least five (5) or more hours notice of a cancelation.
• 學員若於一個曆月內出席未達3小時,則必須再繳一次註冊費.
• If you fail to visit at least three (3) hours a calendar month, you must pay the registration fee again.
• 為達到一個月至少3小時的標準,可以要求變更上課時間.
• Rescheduling in order to achieve at least three (3) hours a month is welcome.
• 課程取消以收到回覆的時間為基準,若無收到回覆或回覆時間超過5小時視同未請假. 請加以確認.
• Email and Text messages require a response to be validated.
• 禁止所有種類之攝、錄影.
• Recording of any kind is prohibited.


• 所有款項需一次付清,若兩周內無法安排您期望之課程,我們將退還所有學費.
• You must first pay in full, and if after two weeks what you are looking for can not be arranged, you will get a full refund.
• 課程進行4小時後,您將無法更換您的語言顧問. 請於期間內謹慎評估.
• After the first four (4) hours of time are spent, your consultant can not be changed.
• 若需請假,請務必於課前5小時通知,否則款項仍會支付給語言顧問.
• You will be charged if you do not give at least five (5) or more hours notice of a cancelation.
• 課程取消以收到回覆的時間為基準,若無收到回覆或回覆時間超過5小時視同未請假. 請加以確認.
• Email and Text messages require a response to be validated.
• 所有課程需於開課後180天內使用完畢,否則您將喪失使用資格.
• Your time will be lost if you do not finish it in six months (180 days) or less.
• 禁止任何種類之攝、錄影,違者取消課程且不予以退款及補償.
• Recording of any kind is prohibited and may result in termination with no refund.


• You must pay in full to reserve your place.
• 訂位時請先付清您的費用.
• Your healthcare is your responsibility. We are not liable for any accident or injury you have and it would be unreasonable to assume otherwise.
• 如有任何事故或傷害,請自負.
• You understand the food may seem foreign to you and are ready to try new food, and politely accept the meals as they are. Special food requirements must be discussed before purchase.
• 這次的旅行會嘗試當地的食物,如有特殊食物要求請在訂位前告知我們.
• If some unforeseen problem occurs, thirty five (35) days or more prior to departure, the event may be cancelled. In this unfortunate case you will get a refund from us, and we will help by contacting third parties such as accommodation and airfare with regard to deposits for example.
• 出發前35天有不可預期之變動. 這次的活動可能會取消,全額退費.
• Otherwise, there are no refunds of any kind for this course of Practical Travel English. Your spot may be transferred with consent
• 購買本課程後,除了上述條件,一律不退費. 課程可以在本機構 ( 同意下轉讓
• We are not a travel agency, and do not pretend to be one. Guests should understand that 柯受恩 Ross Cline will be taking them to meet his family and friends and to give them this golden opportunity to try, do, be, and see things so foreign, beautiful and rich that they will never be the same to-know-the-farm-is-to-leave-it-style!
• 我們不是旅行社,也不要假裝是旅行社。 客人應該明白,Ross 將帶他們去見他的家人和朋友,並給他們這個千載難逢的機會,去嘗試、做、成為和看到如此陌生、美麗和豐富的事物

Message from the Director

I believe that learning a language doesn't have to be a hellish experience. I think that if you have ever felt awful because of a bad test score then something was just wrong with your language, and this can be a lot of fun. Laughter brings forth great memory. Give us a try and I am sure you will be impressed and very happy you found us.

Ross Cline

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