Sometimes businesses offering services, merchandise, or food and drinks, create money vouchers to sell as gift ideas, or to give away. This is way too ordinary for us.

People who visit soon see that we are unique, and a breath of fresh air. No other business has dared to have a pay-as-you-go approach as we do, and many give advice that this is a bad business plan. We have been opened constantly since 2009, and are happy to say we are still here! Being unconventional is the name of the game. Having a very original club option, and adventure make learning interesting and exciting too.

Language, culture, and food are certainly related, and therefore we proudly support a bunch of great restaurants! They support and appreciate what we do and accept Money!

Stock up on some Punch Card Credits that can be used just like cash for anything we sell, and at any of the great participating restaurants. There are MANY. Finally a way to support with no fine print bullshit or expiration dates*.

We hope you find this to be a useful way to advocate any one of the participating restaurants,, and our culture of being and remaining a breath fresh air.